Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Steel or Graphite Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs are essential part of this sport. Most people don t have a clear idea which selection of materilas is best for clubs and why is that so. Two types of clubs thet are recognized as best are steel clubs and graphite clubs. The shaft and the size of the club head will influence your choice. This choice will leave a mark on your swing. Because of all this factors it is important to compare clubs in question.

Graphite clubs

They are extremly flexible and light what does not make them neccesarily the best choice for you. If your stroke is slow flexible club is ideal. Clubs in general can be regular, stiff, senior or ladies. When graphiti clubs are concerned they cannot be stiff.
Most ladies prefer graphiti clubs since they are light weight. It gives them cabality to make more controlled swings. To be sure when selecting take both clubs in your hands and make test before purchase.Club has to feel comfortable and easy.

Steel golf Clubs

They are considerd chepaer than graphiti and some people belive that makes them inferior to start with. Your golfing style defines what is good for you. If steel does the magic than steel it is. If you prefer stiffer clubs than steel is your natural choice. They are heavy and require firm grip but swings will be faster. When sellecting remember that steel clubs are more durable. Steel is heavier but then so many players like the feel of the club.

If you cannot decide after all info you recived about both types consult a professional or discuss it in circle of golf players. Insight can only help.

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