Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Psychological preparation for golf

Some golf players take huge amounts of time to prepare for action. It s a double sword policy in this game. Advantage is that you take your time and start to act only when you know you are ready. Problem occurs when you have to use rest of the time properly. It is so easy to fall in entrapment of over analyzing. When doing so one can easily use the proper connection between mind and body.
It is important to be systematic and thorough. You look at your putt from behind the ball. You take time study it,move around, measure in your head and calculate. It is routine any golf player should posses. If, at some point, you introduce other factors like wind, grain, final outcome and so on you may loose yourself in abundance of obstacles. Be reasonable. Acknowledge all factor, follow your instinct and trust yourself. too much doubt is lethal for performance.
If you have a number of thins you want to achieve with one swing and if they are all simultaneously floating while you prepare to hit the ball-no good. Try not to do everything that is in the book. Focus, simplify and go.
Take your mind to nice and quiet place. Do not over analyze and don t exhaust yourself with wish list.
Some people silently repeat their mantra. if that suits you go for it. If you prefer something quite, soothing and no so 'exotic' concentrate on your breathing.
Whatever maintains your balance stick with it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adidas Tech Adventure golf shoes for Men

Men's Adidas tech adventure golf shoes has been systematically tested by teams of professionals. They are highly popular shoes because of their quality, strenght and durability.
Adidas developed a torsion system designed to stabilize natural motion that occurs during the golf swing. It s a great patent that secures and controls movement and maintains stability. Professional and amateur golf players know how well designed shoes can affect their performance.
Special insoles with added cushioning in the heel area protects foot from discomfort. Discomfort mainly occurs during repetitive impact.
There are Z shaped density lugs that provide better grip and maximize surface area on the ground. These lugs with their dual density system provide better distribution of traction.
Adidas men's tech adventure golf shoes have their own climate  control system. To put it simply that system maintains foot being cool and dry. Shoes are absolutely waterproof, too.
If you desire to have these shoes best place to start search is Adidas web site. They are fashioned in rich scale of various colors with Adidas logo, of course. Some models are more traditional for players who seek well known shapes and patterns. However thay may look their common bond is technological advancement.
It would be a shame not to try them on.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Latest version of Callaway Travel bag

New Callaway travel bag has new  FT HX protective system. Bag in question is the latest version of wheeled golf-bag carrier that is designed specifficaly for stand bag type. System of protection is like honeycomb. Padding securely wraps and secures exposed heads of the golf clubs when the case is closed.

It has a set of inline skate wheels on the bottom of the carrier with reinforced spokes for additonal durability and strenght. Top handle is ergonomic and allows golf players to place their hands in natural position while pulling their carriers through airports.

Stand bags can be secured with internal straps inside the bag carrier so the will not move around during transportation. There are several pockets to store accessories clothes and whatever is necessary. One removable pocket on the outside can be used for a pair of golfing shoes.

Callaway stand bag appears sleek and fashionable but it offers  more than enough space for heavy load that golf players carry with them. Oppening has a book style shape to assure easier andfuller access to interior of the bag. Special fabric on the outside resists tears, scuffs and abrasions.

Stand bag is available in two colors-blue/black and black and has a lifetime warranty. It is made exclusivly by the TRG Group, from St Louis that makes well known travel brands (Victorinox). Bag can be purchased through the Callaway website.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Golf for beginers

Even though your potential for the game of golf is indeed significant do not rush and buy the most expensive equipment immediately. Golf is complicated sport and requires many pieces of different clubs. Majority of manufacturers will advertise last technology equipment. Without much doubt their products are fine but not exactly what you need to get.
Good start is to look for outdated or well preserved second hand equipment.(Google, CraigList to eBay ,garage sales and so on) If you find good second hand pieces you will save hunderds and hunderds of dollars.

Sometimes it is about the club you really want to have. In that case just wait few days after realising the product to the market and than start your search.

Same goes for golf balls. Instead of buying Pro V 1 (almost 5$ a piece) purchase Top Flite-if you get 15 of them you end up paying a buck for piece. As a beginer just think how many of them you are going to lose while practicing and how much sense it makes.

As a beginer place your playing schedule in the afternoon and dusk. saturday and Sunday mornings are always booked and very expensive. Your search should be based on easier time to get and lawer price to pay. There are some places known for their last minute discounts. Sometimes you can get a tee time there and enjoy

Be careful around pro shops. Thay are known for their over priced lists of products. Gloves, ball marker tools, tees and so on you can buy at Wal Mart or Target for 50% less.

When you are done with the equipment take your time, learn the basics of sport and you will have a blast.