Monday, November 8, 2010

Golf clubs for kids

For the longest time people belived that game og golf belongs to the wealthiest of us. The situation has changed and more and more children are taking up this sport.
How tall and heavy your child is adds up to the measurments of weight and lenght for his or hers firts golf club. Same as with adults comfort levele is of utmost importance. It must be a set of clubs that offers a proper grip.

Here are some tips

Woods are the longest golf clubs and are used when long hits are required. To hit a ball as far as possible you need wood. It helps with distance but it s not accurate. Golf ball hit with woods will often land in unsuitable places. In conclusion, woods will add more power and asure far travel for the golf ball.

They are most used on golf terains and are second best for distances.In golf club kit there are many irons. They differ in their weight and size of the head. Irons can help you a lot if your ball ends up in the sand or in front of the obstacle.

A golf club named a putter is used when player needs accuracy. They are used for finishing strokes and are designed exactly opposite from the woods. With them player never aims to cover the distance. A decent putter is a neccesity.

Golfing kit conatins of 14 clubs for your child three mentioned above will be suficient. When game starts to progress you add more clubs for kids. You will have to buy lighter golf clubs when your child learns how to hit the ball with force and precision.
You may opt for used golf clubs for children it is a sane and smart decision if your child founds out that golf is not a game for him or her.
Today at the golf terains there are support facilities for young players from sets of golf clubs for kids to professional trainer. It s all there to encourage new players.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Steel or Graphite Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs are essential part of this sport. Most people don t have a clear idea which selection of materilas is best for clubs and why is that so. Two types of clubs thet are recognized as best are steel clubs and graphite clubs. The shaft and the size of the club head will influence your choice. This choice will leave a mark on your swing. Because of all this factors it is important to compare clubs in question.

Graphite clubs

They are extremly flexible and light what does not make them neccesarily the best choice for you. If your stroke is slow flexible club is ideal. Clubs in general can be regular, stiff, senior or ladies. When graphiti clubs are concerned they cannot be stiff.
Most ladies prefer graphiti clubs since they are light weight. It gives them cabality to make more controlled swings. To be sure when selecting take both clubs in your hands and make test before purchase.Club has to feel comfortable and easy.

Steel golf Clubs

They are considerd chepaer than graphiti and some people belive that makes them inferior to start with. Your golfing style defines what is good for you. If steel does the magic than steel it is. If you prefer stiffer clubs than steel is your natural choice. They are heavy and require firm grip but swings will be faster. When sellecting remember that steel clubs are more durable. Steel is heavier but then so many players like the feel of the club.

If you cannot decide after all info you recived about both types consult a professional or discuss it in circle of golf players. Insight can only help.

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