Monday, August 30, 2010

Extensive walking and golf shoes

Footjoy DryJoys Men's Leather Onyx Golf Shoes
Two main and most common problems with wrong shoes and up with blisters or foot inflamation (PF- Plantar faciitis when all of the tissues that is on the bottom of the foot gets painfully inflamed).
When buying a golf shoe (it goes without saying like with any other type of shoe) bear in mind that you need a fit as close to perfect as possible. Your heel should always be steady and solidly placed in its position.

You need aproximately half of an inch between big toe and the shoe rim.
For a golfer who walks a lot and has to have good swing it is important that shoe is tight enough not to squeeze but to make everything that is needed possible.

Blisters are painful and they bring huge dicomport but in comparison with PF they are easily treated and short term problem.

They will torment you when there is a friction or sweaty feet. You need breathable shoes that fit properly to prevent rubbing. To keep your feet dry put on talk and choose proper socks. Technology in fabric making for preventing sweat has more and more surprises every year.

Plantar Faciitis is difficult to get rid of once its there. So to prevent it support cushionong in the golf shoe is crucial. There are so many new and advanced tehnologies applied in golf shoe making that you just have to make a simple search and find what you need.

Stretch your feet before performing. Like with any other sport good warm up is worthed every minute invested in it.
Take your time and money and look for high quality, turf gripping, water resillient comfortable golf shoes. It is one very important search and if done properly you will be rewarded with great times and even better performance.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Golf-from favorite past time to important sport

old golf posters
There are numerous theories about origins of golf. Some place golf in Scotland as early as 1400 and some year. Others are more inclined to find origins of game in 17 ct Law countries.

Experts belive it started as game of 22 holes (11 one way and than back). Today its known as a game of 18 holes.

First two golf associations were founded in Britain 1901 (The Professional Golf Association) and Australia in 1911 respectivly.

United States followed Australia and after aproximately a decade professional golf competitions started all over the country. Womens golf took of after WWII.

Game is played worldwide today. Golf terains are spread all over the place and tournements are followed with great attention. Golf courses developed with passage of time in unpredictable manner. Some of them are flat, or near the waterway, some are on hill or steeper terrain and so on.

Fans of particular golf player or game itself are ready to travel the globe in order to see game played in front of them. Well known and loved players today are Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh,Camilo Villegas and on the female side Morgan Pressel,Annika Srenstam,Paula Creamer, Natalie Gulbis and Michelle Wie.

Great game of golf is here to stay no matter if we define it as fun, game, sport, pleasure or any other name.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Women golf bags

Golf Bag

For every woman bag is important part of her attire. For a female golfer womans golf bag is equally essential.
Womens golf bag is large enough for golf equipment and all other accessories.

While choosing the right golf bag remember three musts-looks, purpose and quality (not necceseraly in that order).

Some of well known makers of golf products are

Ann Taylor

It si an internationaly known golf brand. They target female golfers with plentifull assortment of golf products. Their golf accessories including bags are pleasant for eye as well as for your wallet.

If you have shaped and clear idea what kind of womans golf bag you want Ann Taylor is place to go.

Adidas is making many top quality golf items. They are well known for their durability. Womens golf bags they offer are presented in many clors, patterns and designs. There is an option for personalized golf bag that will reflect your taste.


For full enjoyment in game you may want to purchase your own golf cart. They can always be rented but it is so much more practical to have your own.

While searching for womens golf bag you will discover whole word of different golf accessories. Look for something what will enchance your game and pleasure it gives you.

Importance of golf shoes

When choosing golf shoes bear in mind how significant for your perfomenace they are. While walking the golf course you have to be comfortable and focused on game. If you think about shoes on your feet it means they do not fulfill their purpose. In manner of saying golf shoes have to be one with you.

There are few brands that are making high quality golf shoes (Adidas, Nike, Ecco and so on). More often than not price turns to be an issue. It s easy to preach but from long experience of all golf players ever shoes are important and almost always investment that is worthed every penny.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Golf shoes shopping tips

Adidas adiPURE
How important is the pair of golf shoes? Does it make any difference in winning a golf tournament?

Tiger Woods and other great golf players pay attention when it comes to details.

It s mainly because art of golf is in gazzillion small segments.

To be succesfull one has to have focus, deep concentration, accuracy in execution and skill.

All mentioned above needs to be followed or led by great swing. Same as hiking, running and walking swing has a source in your feet. If your shoes bother you how to do anything? When considering your golf shoes bear in mind-model, material and water resilience.

Golf shoe model

Classical type of golf shoe is the most common one. It has to be light and appropriate for weather.

Sandal is another option. It s nice for summer, light and comfortable.

Golf boot is not seen often. They are hard and somewhat heavy but perfectly waterproof. They are expensive, too. Consider them depending on weather conditions.


Leather is greta natural material for golf shoes. It is breathable and can be easily treated for water ressilience. Fit of the shoe is as important as good quality of work.

If your budget is more limited look for polyester. It s light and there are some nice models.

Water resillience

To avoid wet feet look for Goretex. It is light, warm and breathable.

Style of golf shoe

Styles are many but you go for one that suits you and has all qualities mentioned above.

When you go to purchase golf shoes take your time. Test them well. Spend some time walking and turning in them. Shoes that have some cedar are known for keeping good shape and absorb the prespiration. So, when buying golf shoes, it is going to be an investment but its worthed.